Learn the Family Friendly (AND FUN) Way To Create A Healthy, Toned Body

Without Strict Diets, Cutting Out Sugar, or Doing Hours Of Cardio

Discover how to create a fit, toned body AND sustain it.

And yes, chocolate, cheese & dessert are all on the menu!

PS: This month we have 30 spaces available for Mums who finally want to get rid of the stubborn fat, tone up and have more confidence in themselves.

Is This You??

Are you a mother who wants to create a healthy, toned body in a way that is enjoyable & sustainable?

You want more energy for your kids and partner.

The truth is, you are so exhausted and you feel like you're letting them down.

Years of putting everyone else at the top of the priority list has meant you've had no time or energy to focus on your own health & happiness.

The scales are the enemy! Fluctuations seem to happen for no reason...leaving you feeling defeated.

You never used to carry weight on your arms or the lower belly like this before. When someone has a camera around you hide and avoid looking at your reflection in the mirror.

You've been Yo-Yo dieting for years, but you can't control the emotional eating & late-night binges.

Things just seem like they're spinning out of control, and you can't see any way out of this rut you're in.

Years of telling yourself you'll start Monday has left you feeling like a failure & like there's no hope of ever reaching your goals.

Not only do you worry about the future, and the habits that you're passing onto your kids, but you worry about the fact that you're not being the fun, active Mum and role model you want to be.

If you can relate to even one of those points, then I want you to know...

It's NOT Your Fault

You may have tried things like...

AND the list goes on...

Yet, nothing has worked for you long term, and even if you did lose some weight, it wasn't enjoyable AND you still didn't feel fulfilled or like you are WORTHY.

You have very little self-confidence and you judge yourself for your past failures.

You don't have the connection with your partner that you used to, and you shy away from intimacy.

Keeping up with the kids is hard because you have very little energy.

In fact, just getting the day-to-day chores done is difficult...let alone making time for your own self-care.

You're not the person you used to be before kids.

You feel like you've LOST A PIECE of YOURSELF.

So, what's the plan of attack then?

Another Diet? Another Gym Membership? Waiting for another burst of 'motivation'?

"You've Tried These Things, They Haven't Worked...

You Need Our Proven & Family Friendly Method"


What if I told you there was a way to eat amazing food, that you and ALL of your family will enjoy...

While still losing weight and creating that toned, healthy body you want? 

Well, good news...

Because not only is this is possible, it's far simpler & easier than you might have thought!

You can eat things like Beef Strogonoff, Pancakes and Desserts like Ice Cream & Mango Weis Bar...

Bacon & Eggs and even Snacks like brownies...and SOOO much more!

You don't have to cut out carbs.

In fact, if you're doing that now, it could explain why you've never been able to keep your results long-term.

You don't have to cut out food groups like dairy or fruit.

And, you don't have to go to a gym OR train every day...

Actually, 3-4 days is ideal.

And any more could actually be TOO MUCH!

As a Mum, going to the gym doesn't always fit in with your lifestyle.

So you need an exercise plan that is based around building lean muscle (because that means more fat is burnt at rest) that you can also DO AT HOME if you want to.

You Don't Have Any Clear Plan Or Structure

There are thousands of things you COULD be doing...just jump on google or YouTube and you'll see what I mean.

But because you don't have a plan in place or a set structure, so you do nothing...

Or the things you do try never work out and you don't see any changes in your body.

Introducing FitVibes!

You're going to get everything laid out, step by step.

To avoid any confusion...

Because the longer you feel confused and frustrated, the less action you're taking.

This is your chance to have everything you need to do as a busy Mum laid out for you step by step...

So that you can get cracking and finally ditch the emotional baggage & look and feel damn hot!

The best part?

You won't have to follow a strict diet plan or kill yourself with cardio ever again!


You Owe It To Yourself & Your Family.

- How Do I Know This? -

I'm Edwina Pettiford,

After having 3 boys, I've coached over 500 Mums to shed the emotional baggage that was holding them back from having the body & confidence they wanted...

So they get to enjoy a healthier, more toned body and the self-confidence to grab life with both hands!

If you're not happy with where you are now, I get it.

Because after having my three boys I was in the worst shape of my life.

I was depressed & desperate to lose the weight and feel WORTHY again...

I hated myself because I had no energy...

I would laze about on the couch feeling sorry for myself and would binge eat every night.

Not only on food but alcohol as well.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was doing it to numb the pain of not feeling good enough.

The thing is, I tried to lose weight, but nothing seemed to work.

The diets, the challenges, and shakes...

They all let me down.

The result?

I felt more frustrated and more miserable than ever.

I hated restricted diets and hated spending so much time in the gym.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So, I invested well over $50,000 over the next 5 things like


I now easily maintain a healthy, toned body YEAR round and live an amazing life full of energy.

I now have an amazing connection with my husband and three boys...

Creating everthing I love in life, by spending time & money on courses, coaches & mentors.

To date, I've helped over 500 women transform their bodies and minds, to live a healthier, happier & brighter life.


 A system where you can successfully free yourself from restriction, deprivation & confusion around nutrition & what and how to eat well not only for you, but your family.
 A system where you can exercise AT HOME, with very minimum equipment, in just 3-4 days per week

 A system where you can take control of your mindset and remove any mental blocks keeping you stuck, so you can stop procrastinating & making excuses and start TAKING BACK CONTROL! 

It's Not Too Late To Get Toned, Feel Healthy & Love Your Body!

Imagine having the confidence to wear your favourite clothes that are currently hidden in the back of the cupboard

What would it be like waking up in the morning energised, loving what you see in the mirror and being proud of the strong & healthy body you have!

Imagine being free from emotional eating & bingeing on junk food because you know how to fuel your body properly...but no foods are forbidden.

How good would it be to run around with your kids, without getting puffed & exhausted and enjoying every moment with them.

How would your relationship be different if you weren't afraid to be seen naked & felt sexy & desirable again?!

Tap the button below to join us and get the support, guidance & coaching that you deserve.

Join Today To Discover

Why 'eating healthy' or 'clean eating' and too much exercise forces your body to store body fat...and what to do instead...(hint...enjoying yourself is the secret here!)

How to customise a plan that is unique to YOUR body, YOUR food preferences, YOUR lifestyle &

YOUR metabolism

How to lose the fat, tone the body & keep the result long term...even if you think your hormones are working against you

The truth behind why you MUST incorporate things you love to eat if you want to keep the weight off for good.

How you can change your habits & defeat the self-sabotaging behaviors like procrastination & making you can become someone who IS fit, healthy &'s just who you are!

How to become strong, lean, toned & fit without becoming bulky or stepping foot in a gym if you don't want to.

Embrace a strong body and healthy glowing skin that looks fantastic in any outfit.

How to break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting, low energy, failure & frustration...

To live a healthy, happy & motivated life.



Even though Meal Plans are great at giving you initial structure & guidance, I don't believe they're sustainable long term.

Because following is, a meal plan doesn't TEACH you anything.

As you progress through our program, you will learn how to create your very own meal plans...

So you can eat the foods you love & ensure that you're eating the right amount of calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs & fats) to not only burn fat and fire up your metabolism...

but to balance your hormones, so that you have more energy and can kick your mood swings to the curb!


You'll get simple, tasty & family-friendly meal plans that are designed to BURN BODY FAT, heal the metabolism while allowing you to eat things you & your family enjoy...

So don’t worry - you won't be just eating chicken, broccoli & nuts....

how about eating family-friendly meals like Bolognaise & Beef Stroganoff and tasty desserts


 You'll be able to enjoy amazing food, including 'forbidden' things like chocolate, mashed potato, ice-cream, popcorn and cheese PLUS much more....and learn why these foods actually HELP you to tone up & lose weight. 


You’ll get access to your very own app, where you will have access to quick, simple & fun workouts.

You'll be able to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals.

The training is designed to build lean muscle, so that you can burn MORE FAT at rest.

Give me 30-45 minutes, 3 times per week...and I’ll coach you to lose weight and build a strong & toned more spending hours working out.

The best part - you can do all of the workouts at home if you choose. 


You won’t be doing this program alone.

Join an empowering community of like-minded Mum who want to smash their own goals, and help you do the same.

Everyone in the group is here to support you and fit back into your favourite clothes.

Every single mum in this program wants to look & feel better.

By surrounding you with other driven mums who are all looking to make a change, you'll have a shortcut to reaching your fitness goals.


You will get to experience the revolutionary 'Rapid Recode' System that taps into the power of neuroplasticity & autosuggestion to connect to the superconscious part of your brain...

Releasing anything and everything that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

You will finish your sessions feeling totally clear, empowered & motivated to create the body you love & feel confident in!


The member website contains our entire course curriculum and methodology.

Log in and work through the content to create permanent changes in your body and mind so you can beat yo-yo dieting and feel true confidence.

You have lifetime access to our content & to any updates that we make in the future.



Learning something and APPLYING it in your journey are two very different things.

That's why when you join FitVibes you'll get 26 weeks of access to

Live coaching and Q & A you can get support & make REAL progress.

In those moments when you step on the scale and are ready to give up...that's where I want to meet you so you can push through and finally succeed in reaching your goals!


You could have THE BEST PLAN...and still fail.

In fact I've seen it time and time again...women just give up on themselves...

They tell themselves it's too hard, and they'll never change.

With our mindset activities, designed to go deep and uncover what's holding you back from living an amazing life if a body you love, will set you free, and onto a path of long-term success!

Complete the short application form by tapping the button below, then pick a time for a chat with one of our highly trained & caring coaches.

Your call is confidential and you won't be pressured into anything, meaning there's NO RISK in applying!

You've Got Two Options...


Close this page, continue as you are, stuck in a cycle of yoyo dieting — hating the way you look and feel…

You give up altogether and accept that you’ll always be this way.

Maybe in a few weeks, months, or even years you’ll feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when you first saw it.

There’s no guarantee that we’ll have spaces in the future.

We only work with a select number of women at any one time to guarantee a high level of service and support.



You decide that enough is enough.

You decide you want a guaranteed way to lose weight and feel healthier for the rest of your life... the fastest and most effective way possible.

And so you invest in your health, happiness, and security by clicking the button below and booking a call with one of our friendly coaches.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you finally, put an end to yo-yo dieting AND live a happy healthy life with your family!

FitVibes Process
We've taken the often complicated process of getting your nutrition & training right for your goals, and laid it out into a simple, easy to follow process. No more restriction or deprivation, no more hours of exercising for little or no result.
Recode Your Brain & Beliefs
Our revolutionary 'RECODING' system taps into the power of epigenetics & autosuggestion to connect to the superconscious part of you, & release everything that is holding you back & keeping you stuck.
FitVibes Community
It's hard to change your life when you're surrounded by the people you've always been with. Our clients join a huge community of other mums on the same path so that dreams aren't laughed at but achieved on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Perfect For?

This system is specially designed for women who are tired of 'dieting' and feeling stuck in their current body and are ready to TAKE ACTION in order to get a different result. Those who are open to learning new things, implementing what they learn, and are coachable are the ideal fit for FitVibes.

How is this different from other programs?

Most other programs are focused on quick weight loss, with very little regard for long-term sustainability or habit & identity change. Without this, you'll forever from one plan to the next, and maybe losing the weight, but putting it back on just as fast.

What if I'm a fussy eater?

There are plenty of options and easy-to-follow plans, that you can easily substitute different foods. But remember, this program is all about teaching you how to eat the foods YOU enjoy! Not something someone else tells you to!

What exactly do we help you with?



Your mindset

Shifting old beliefs that keep you stuck

Overcoming self-sabotage

Keeping you accountable

Your day to day habits

Overcoming emotional eating habits

Ongoing support

Coaching & making adjustments to your plan

Long-term, sustainable results - forever!

How Long Does The Program Go For?

You have lifetime access to the FitVibes content, which means you get to self-pace your learning. Go as fast or as slow as you like, depending on how busy you are and what you've got going on! Additionally, I include 26 weeks of access to a private Facebook Group for individualised coaching.

You will also have LIVE group coaching calls each week. If you would like to continue with the coaching beyond the 26 weeks, there is an inexpensive monthly option at the end.

How Many Hours Do I Need To Invest Each Week?

I guarantee that if you can spend at least 15 minutes per day, I can give you the tools & steps to get your dream body! On top of this 15 minutes spent on nutrition, you can allow for approximately 30 minutes 3 x per week should you decide to complete the workouts I set for you.

Who does this work for?

Mums who are busy & time poor

Women who have slow metabolisms from years of dieting

Women experiencing menupause

Women wanting to tone and shape their bodies

Women who are action takers

Women who want to burn body fat & defeat yo-yo dieting for good


This won't work for someone who is a chronic skeptic, a whiner, or someone who likes to make excuses. It also won't work for women who aren't willing to try something different than what they've always done. If you are one of these women, I respectfully ask that you not enroll, and hope you understand my reasoning. I just don't want to waste your time or mine.

Is it going to be worth it?

That depends on how you value your health & happiness & whether you take action on what you are learning in the program. How much would you pay to completely transform your life? What is it worth to you, to pass a healthy relationship with your body and food onto your kids? How much would you invest if it meant you could walk into any room with confidence?

What are the benefits?

Losing weight

Regaining your health

Creating better habits

Taking control of your nutrition

Learning how to customise a plan to YOU & your unique body

Having more energy

Getting strong, both physically & mentally

Having more energy

No slumps during the day

The more subltle benefits - The Innner Shifts

Fit into your favourite clothes - your dresses, jeans, shorts & even a bikini!

Feeling more confident & comfortable in social settings

Having more discipline in other areas of your life, like work & finances

Having more connection & intimacy with your partner

More energy to play with your children

Feel a sense of freedom & peace that you haven't in years

Feel motivated to go for things in your life that you've lacked the confidence to try before.

What if I'm busy & don't have time to follow the program week after week?

I get it, you're a busy I've created a program that cuts out all of the 'fluff' and only gets you to focus on high-yield activities.

What Our Clients Say

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